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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Germany is covered with fields where you pick your own flowers. BLUMEN the sign says, which means FLOWERS.

It's all a faith based system and there's a bucket you drop money into. AT this field there were two types of flowers, Gladiolen, or in English, Gladiolous, and Sonnenblumen, in English, the sunflower. Each 'stuck' or stem, in english, costs 0.60 Euro which is about 90cents (euros only). As you can see they made a beautiful arrangement for our still empty house (our household shipment still hadn't arrived yet - this was September 24, 2011.) And picking them together was a great opportunity for family fun and bonding! =)

Lexi brough her little purse with her own money to buy the flowers. Here you see her walking towards the field with papa and her purse. Then they are putting her little euro coins into the bucket. =)

Lexi and papa walking among the rows of flowers picking out what they want. It's the end of the season so it's slim pickings!

Alex cutting the thick stems of the sonnenblumen. Lexi walking triumphantly with her fresh picked flowers =)

I just wish I had taken a picture when the blossoms were fully bloomed. It was gorgeous!

‘Til next time… I’ll be living my life as a soldier’s wife. Sooo dreamy =)

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  1. I love reading from the wives of soldiers ( all branches of the military really) who are proclaiming their love for their husbands & children and busy helping make the home a haven for their spouses. How much more do these men need a safe and peaceful haven than most? I think if most military spouses were busier making their homes truly "home", we would have men (and women) actually recovering from the mental harm war-fare causes.

    The walk in the blumen fields and the simple vase of flowers in the window sill, beautiful.

    Rachel, being a good & Godly wife and mother is the very best thing you can do here on earth..the rewards are priceless.



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