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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Naomianna at English Ballet

Naomianna has attended 2 different ballet schools in the past. When we came to NH end of May 2011 I enrolled her in her cousin Kayla's ballet school for the tots class. It was really sweet and special! They ran around with scarves and jumped over alligator pits. It was truly centered on that age and encouraged grace from the young girls.<p>
When we got to Germany I immediately looked for a ballet class to enroll her in and found one through the SKIES program on base. Now I'm not sure what criteria you need to teach a class through SKIES but obviously it is not an accredited studio. Naomianna did not fit in well as the class ages were 3-5 and Naomianna was two and a half. Now granted she is unlike most children her age and very advanced in thought.. but her behavior still reflected that of a two year old. Additionally I believe there is a HUGE gap between three and five year olds anyway! The class was very strict and not fun and the teacher seemed to just ignore Naomianna and not encourage her to participate.
Well, I am happy to report we have found a new ballet class! On the economy it is English Ballet. It follows the English Ballet Curriculum and actually ended up being less money than going to the one on base that is not an accredited studio, it's just someone who used to take ballet 'teaching' the kids ballet.
When I spoke with the director at the studio on the economy (who speaks England English and German) she assured me they follow a strict adherence to the curriculum and are checked several times a year to make sure they are staying on track in doing the best stretches and moves for each age group and at the same time encouraging their imagination. They use a different fairy tale each season.
I believe this month is Sleeping Beauty because Naomianna came home talking about it. The only down side is when I peeked in at her (they won't let us sit in on the class I am guessing because it may distract the children) She was running around following the teacher, but with her hands over her ears. When we asked her after why, she said 'Because I was scared of that music. We were pretending we were running away'
Even more notable than that, when she came out of class she said all dramatically w/ a sigh 'phew.. all that dancing made me dizzy' HAHAHAH! she is one funny kid.
So here are some pictures of her first day at the new ballet school. I can definitely see a difference in her will to do what is being taught in comparison to when she was younger! Although the one in NH was very encouraging and catered more to her age =)

On our way in! What an entrance! I was already excited!

At first Naomianna just stood there as we entered.

But her leadership personality led her to the bar right away! =)

And she started bustin' out moves! (don't know if they were legit or not) =)

But they looked pretty good! =)~

ohhh... Someone wants to be friends =) (all the other kids speak German it seemed but little girls have a way of communicating that is all their own and without words... )

The little girl decided to come over and try it too!

It was time for mommy to get out! One more quick pic =)

Papa was peaking in and said 'look she's following the teacher. She's doing it' (as if he was surprised she was being a good girl! When it comes to ballet Naomianna is alllllll in!)

Ok one more quick pic from the door way =)

Now I should mention, Naomianna LOVES ballet. Everything is dress up, alllll day long. This kid is rarely in regular clothes. She's always in her dress up princess dresses! And... of course... ballet shoes. She has outgrown the ones I bought here in NH which I got used for a great deal! But I was lucky enough to find 4 more pairs on the yard sale site in the next 4 sizes for $4 each! So I bought all four! Of course! So we are good to go for a while. I also bought tap shoes for next year too! =) When we went to Naomianna's cousin Kayla's dance recital Naomianna was ecstatic! And woah, when the tap dancers came on stage... she was out of her seat dancing along! And during intermission she was ON STAGE! hahah!

We have a movie that Naomianna watches with little girls dressed up in fairy ballet costumes dancing around and teaching the move. Naomiana knows plie, jete and pirouette because of it (as well as I now know them! ha) That's probably why she knew what to do at the bar on her first day of ballet! =)

We've got our hands full with this one! So ballet is a great outlet for entertaining, encouraging grace and healthy exercise habits =)

Her first day the director was ill and not there so a young girl was helping to teach the class. Hopefully next week Tuesday the regular teacher will allow me to sit in and watch the curriculum on the first day.... and of course take tons of pics of those little dancing ballet piggies.


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