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Monday, November 7, 2011

Spending money isn't all bad.... =)

Returned the little VW rental we had. It ended up costing us 315 Euro (and no, I don't even want to think about how many dollars that is so I won't convert it!). Then we spent another 300 Euro on the the truck getting fixed (grr but we just keep telling ourselves it's peace of mind the truck is running good now. As if this wasn't enough spending in one day, Christmas came early for Alex and we got him a new mountain bike he'd been drooling over! Well, it's not QUITE the one he's been drooling over....

Before I got here (and before our bikes arrived w/ our household goods) Alex had rented a bike from the adventure center on post. It was a $3000 mountain bike! The mercedes of mountain bikes! Let's just say it's been on his mind ever since! And as I've found all soldiers to be.. they are very impatient and want things done... YESTERDAY... so I think it's been 'troubling' him to upgrade his bike!

Well we 'happend' to stop in the sports store in Parsberg the other day, No Limit Sports, and low and behold they just 'happened' to be having a 20% off clearance on their 2011 model bikes (making room for skis and 2012 model bikes). Now Alex swears he didn't know this and it was just coincidence... but I'm a little leery of this! Long story short, we walked out the door with a brand new mountain bike for him and all the little extras he needed for it... I'm just glad he didn't go for the 5000 Euro bike the shop owner showed him!

I can't complain, though, because I got an expensive hat I'd been eyeing and a new Roxy sweater that just happened to be marked down! I also picked out my new ski outfit... only I think I'll wait 'til next summer so I can buy it on sale. After all, w/ my obsession for winter clothes I've got plenty of gear to get me through this year.

Side note - talking to my sister about her obsession w/ clothes in general and my obsession w/ winter clothes we've come to the conclusion that because our mom dressed us like dorks back in the day we are now obsessed to have fashionable clothes!
In Junior High our mother used to make us wear VESTS (yes, vests) WITH A CAT PATTERN ON IT! (yup - cat pattern on a vest!) and she'd say "Your grandmother w/ one eye and arthritis in both her hands made this for you.." (nope - not exaggerating!) And we'd get onto the school bus and duck down in the seat and change!! hahah! yet somehow we were both still coolest kids on the block (in our eyes anyway heeheehee)

I remember specifically one day while skiing with the ski team from my elementary school and everyone else was looking all sleek and comfortable I was standing there feeling a bit like an out of place eskimo in my puffy clothes! This wasn't because we were poor, no my mom bought us expensive things... just really dorky things!

So...No Limit Sports in Parsberg is my new favorite store! And I think it will be for a long time! They had great brands and decent pricing and even some of my fave brands on sale! I'll be visiting there again...soon... and often! =)

(they have the women's gortex hiking boots there! i believe those $250 babies will be on my christmas wish list this year!)

‘Til next time… I’ll be living my life as a soldier’s wife. Sooo dreamy =)

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